For many years, Tom Branigan would go to the Planned Parenthood facility in Denver Colorado on days that they would be performing abortions in an effort to encourage the mothers (and sometimes the fathers) to reconsider their choice.
While reading and studying his Scriptures, Tom saw that Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers all spoke of redeeming children, and that they were to be redeemed with silver. Tom had read these passages before, but that day he was impressed with the idea that children are to be redeemed with silver.
Tom approached the leadership of Restoration Messianic Fellowship about the possibility of purchasing Silver Eagle coins, dated that current year, to present to those who decided to keep their babies. The idea was warmly accepted and Tom and others who were with him at Planned Parenthood were supplied with coins to Redeem the children.

Kay Behrens, the wife of one of the leaders at Restoration Messianic Fellowship, enjoyed doing cross-stitch, and as each of her grandchildren was born she would stitch a piece with a baby motif, the child’s name and birthdate, and the quote from Psalm 127:3, “Children are a heritage from the Lord.” One day it occurred to her that she could combine her hobby with the work being done at Planned Parenthood. 
Kay created 4 x 6 cross-stitched pieces with the verse from the Psalms and room to mount the coin and put it together in a silver frame. She made several of these so that the volunteers could have them available.


There are probably many who would like to be a part of the saving of children from abortion who don’t have the skills, ability, or wherewithal to be on the front lines. However, these people could be part of the encouragement that these framed coins can bring. Each coin runs between $20 and $30, depending on the price of silver at any given time. The 4 x 6 frames purchased at Hobby Lobby run about $6 a piece, and although the cost of the cloth and stitching floss is rather low, the time involved in creating a final piece can be several hours.
Donations to this Project can range from providing everything, to volunteering to stitch, to purchasing coins, to buying the frames, or to donating funds for the purchase of materials, postage and other extras.
These small framed mementoes could be given out not only at abortion clinics, but also at Caring Pregnancy Centers where young women go for counseling. It is clear that these small tokens are by no means a deciding factor in the decision regarding a pregnancy, but they can be a daily positive reminder of why the decision was made to carry the child to term.
If anyone would like more information about this Project, or would like to start a similar Project in their organization, please contact Kay Behrens at kay@crimsonthread.com